E3 is over….forever?

E3 is over....forever?

Another E3 is behind us. For the most part it was…disappointing.

All the show really was about is a reminder of stuff they have already announced before. Now getting new cool videos and more indepth stuff on games not out yet is cool and all but E3 used to be the event the big announcements got their debuts but not anymore.

After the event in 2006 ESA (which run E3) decided to change the way E3 will be like. Due to excessive costs that went into displays and booth babes and other stuff.

Now instead of a flashy Videogame nerdgasmic event open to everyone it changed into a invite only event with only a few thousand select.

It is the opinion of many that this killed what made E3 the biggest and best videogame expo in the world and made every gamer dream about going.

In 2007 the event was held in Santa Monica, California July 11th through July 13th, before E3 was held in the third week of May.

Displays and press conferences were scattered all over the place, on many different hotels and people really didn’t like that, plus all the flashy stuff was missing, no booth babes. The event wasn’t recognizable anymore.

Now I’m sure the old E3 was chaotic and wild with a audience of up to 70 thousand but I can imagine it was ten times more fun then walking around in a nearly empty hotel with a few scattered videogame displays and conferences.

The only upside, they didn’t have to wait in line to try out the new stuff since with so few people trying out stuff.

This year event was moved back to it’s original location at the Los Angeles Convention Center. You would think the more centralized location would at least bring back some of what the event lost, but no there are gambiz people, gamers and even Presidents criticizing the event heavily.

Mainly it has to do with lack of planning, lack of cool stuff and displays and of course the how small the event is.

The Los Angeles Convention Center is huge, after all it held the earlier E3 events so due to the event only being limited to around 5000 people the LACC seemed empty, utilizing only a fraction of the available space and very little in comparison with what the old E3 used. That wasn’t just because there were so few there but also because only the big developers had displays. At the old E3 many smaller developers could show off their work so it wasn’t just about EA, Konami, Capcom, Microsoft, Nintendo etc.

So yeah, in it’s present state I don’t think I’d like to go after all..

There does exist a sort of spiritual continuation of the old E3 called E for all. This event is open to everyone and it’s held at the LACC.

Of course, even if I want to go to that event, it’s far far away from me.

Using Google Earth Ruler I have determined I’m about 7055km from LACC or 4384 miles.

That’s a really long way to go, I’d have to travel across the Atlantic ocean and then travel all the way across America to get there.

It just wouldn’t warrant the expenditure unless I would make a long vacation out of it and I just don’t have that kind of money.

So uh, It did have a few highlights for me such as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and God of War 3 but for the most part it was pretty meh.

There are plans to make tweaks to next years event, who knows maybe they will allow public on E3 again and E3 might be reborn but at this point people aren’t very optimistic about anything saving E3.

So that’s enough from me for now.

Oh P.S. I’m on vacation so I’ll have more time to focus on the site, woohoo!

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    • Ace
    • Jul 28th. 2008 8:36am

    I agree.
    This years E3 completely slipped by me. I was aware of it going on, but I wouldn’t have been if I’d simply been watching the release announcements. Pikmin? I don’t really care. Hands on displays of games we’ve had videos and screenies for weeks? Nah, don’t care.

    Even if you’d already shown off your main release titles you could still impress with your booth by showing off other projects, hint at future releases or if all else failed just hire more booth babes.

    E3 turned from a carnival to a cocktail party, and that is just sad.

  1. That’s such a nice way to put it.

    Glad to have your input on the matter.

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